Rattles - eco and certified wood

Rattles - eco and certified wood


Our new baby rattles are made from ecologically clean and certified oak wood, which does not contain varnish or paint materials

They come in a comfortable size of the toys is suitable for your baby's small hand and helps in the development of fine motor skills

(unique design and rounded shapes of the rattles basis are designed for baby safety and to minimize the risk of injury)


A perfect present for kids aged 6 months and older!


The first baby toy should be simple, tactile and safe.  Each rattle is unique, with natural wood colour and inimitable wood texture.

Rustle is filled with corn grain, which gives a pleasant sound while tapping. Crackle is a dynamic toy, where square moving elements produce a nice sound while tapping. Rumble is a toy with rings and while moving it reminds a sound of waterfall rumbling.

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