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Find your audience, who is your target?

Mine? Well everyone that has a child in the age of 0-3 years, or know someone that has, or wants to have one or expecting one! Nowadays even adults, since I make moccs and jewelry for them too. Kind of everyone! Before when I only owned a webshop I hardly had men shopping, ever! I think maybe 1% of my customers. But since I opened the physical store I see more men/fathers/friends coming in. And also couples shopping together for their little one. I find that very interesting! 

But it's about narrowing it down again. When I'm working with Instagram or my webshop I have trends on my mind all the time. I try to keep myself updated on what's hot right now. In all areas, children's fashion, grown-up's fashion, interiors and decoration, children's interior, and so on. So when I style my products for a photo or search my hashtag (#betonstudios, it’s so good that we can follow hashtags these days on IG!) for future reposts, I know what to look for. And I don't want to step away too far from that. From my red line. 

So my customers can be any of the above of course but I also need those who represents. Those, in my case, kids and parents who can carry Betón with me. With the same style as I have. Are we maybe using the same colors in our photos? Do I like what they are posting too? When you find them, you need to get their attention... They will help you create the need from others. "I want my children to dress like that", or, "Maybe that would work on me too!", or, "My bedroom needs that!". I still reach out to new people on Instagram from time to time to see if they’d be interested to receive some little gifts. Just a little appreciation, and I never ask for something in return. It’s all about finding the right ‘ambassadors’ for your brand. Big companies should pay for content, always! Small companies should not, according to me!  If you make swim wear, reach out to someone that spends a lot of time on the beach. Don’t look too much on following numbers, it’s not about that. Build a relationship. Look for quality, not quantity. 


Dream big - who is your dream customer?

It might not be an actual person. It can be someone that look a certain way, dress a certain way, lives in a certain area, travels to certain places, eat certain food. Maybe you can even find the answers on all of the above. 

I work with kids, so the answer on these 'dream customer' questions becomes a little vague. But I still know who their parents are, where I want them to live, what they are eating, how they are dressing, what they work with... In my mind I know. And those imaginary people are the ones I build my brand around. Believing that they are out there. 

Do you follow someone on Instagram that you think would represent your brand/business well? Reach out! :)

My line of earrings -   Betón Pieces

My line of earrings - Betón Pieces