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The Business Aid Menu - what is it?

So I've had many requests to post the menu of my business aids here. At the moment I'm very busy with ten clients (feels kind of max since I also run a shop haha!) but please email me so I can put you on the list if you are interested! They have various length to them and the shorter ones are definitely possible to squeeze in very soon. 

To tell you little bit more about how it all works I'll start by saying that many of my clients start by choosing small because they have a small business and a tight budget. But pretty much always ends up wanting to go further or to add another meeting. It's just something about getting that individual help and support, it's so cheering and quite unique. And in the long run it's worth the money for sure! So here are the 4 different choices:


Aid #1 - the ten Q&As

Are you a bit stuck, or lost in the business jungle? Do you need a quick fix?

To help you continue on your destined path I will take the time and answer your top 10 questions you have for your business, (or planned business) via email. It can be anything really; how to work with the visual, what platform is best suited for your webshop, should you aim big or small..? And so on

After the initial 10 answers, we will discuss them until you feel satisfied with the help. If you have further questions, you can start over with a new 10. 

€100 / 1000 SEK


Aid #2 - the visual (perfect for IG peeps)

Are you looking for a more in-depth help and overall visual consulting? Is Instagram and Pinterest your main marketing tools?

We will, via email and / or Skype, go through your visual obstacles. How you can best present your product or ideas, what mood are you looking for and who inspires you. I believe ni the possibility to sell anything with the right visual presentation. Make it your own!

After the initial email conversations, we can also add a 30mins Skype call if we feel the urge to talk more freely.

€150 / 1500 SEK


Aid #3 - the breakfast meeting (this one has been very popular)

Do you live in Stockholm or nearby? Maybe planning to visit? I love a good breakfast and a chat in this beautiful city.

We meet up and talk about your business and ideas for a whole 2 hours. How to move forward and what to think about when planning the next step. A very casual way of making a lot of progress. Breakfast is on me!

We will follow up for the next 4 weeks visa email or a second shorter meeting if needed.

€200 / 2000 SEK


Aid #4 - the full monty (hard not to pick this one!)

Are you completely stuck?

We will sit down several times over a 2 months period (physical meeting/Skype/email) and work on your brand profile, your Instagram feed, your photo skills, your website and other important pieces in your puzzle. We will together make it work and by the end of these two months, people will know who you are! It's the ultimate individual coaching!

Price on request


Of course available in Swedish too since that's my first language!