Some time is freed up!

Hi my dears! So little time to write blog posts omg, how do you guys do it?!

I just wanted to say that Clara who is working with me in the shop has started on two days a week (and Tilde one day), so I have more time now to take on clients! It's so much fun and I think I want to do it more and more :) There are so many great ideas out there, and so many lovely folks that reaches out. So if you are one of them that needs a little help with your business, please contact me on! Before the summer we have a few one-to-one spaces. Check out the Business Aid Menu here! Or we can always custom make something for you, many are combining two or three of the Aid solutions. 

I'm working on so many posts here but I never finish them *sigh* But soon!

Have a lovely day!