Stay true!

Moccasins, or moccs, as I like to call them. They are my main product, they bring the gold! It took me a while to realize that this is what I should focus on! That focus is important when you market your brand. We need to narrow it down. If you are starting small, that's good, makes it easier in a way If you have a whole retail webshop to promote, find a red line (as we say in Swedish), a focus, a point of argument.

I was quite early with moccs, already back in 2013. Now they are everywhere, I know. So what makes me unique, what makes my product unique? How do I keep the interest up?

Instagram and Pinterest allows us to create a personality around our products, with photos. And the best part; the instant connection with your customers. They will help you create the spirit your products need. Even if you only got that one special T-shirt that you have made, find the right customers/promoters that will create a specific feeling around your brand, together with your own photos. It's everything, style, mood, colors and so on... And with that, the customers that see themselves in your product, will buy it. Or maybe you are so good at this that you can create a personality around your brand that people need. 'I want to be that too!' Then you're in the game.

Have a think about it; What is your main product? What is your product's personality?


Your creative self

You need to stay true to yourself. I've always tried not to get too influenced by fellow designers. At least look for your inspiration elsewhere than your competition. Maybe you will start out on your own, doing your unique thing. But eventually there will be others, maybe even close by, wanting a part of the cake. This is when you need to start focus on who you are and not who they are trying to be. 

A trick is to just follow your heart. What inspired you to start your business will lead your way, and create path for you, not other people. And with that love for what you are doing awaits a big reward, respect. It shines through, trust me!

Always when I sit down with someone that needs the help to find their uniqueness I let them start to make a mood board. What inspires you, colors, art, music, films, brands, trends and so on. To start your business by focusing on what you like is a simple way to get things rolling. Especially if you are producing new goods!

What does your mood board look like? Here are two photos from @betonstudios Instagram gallery!