A new little adventure!

You know me! I can never just focus on one thing! It's been part of my adventure to have three babies, just like it was to travel the world during my twenties! I can't go on routine...

Since I started my company back in 2013 when Liv was only 6 month (craaazy) a lot of things have happened, and funny thing is, mainly only very good ones! Of course not a straight path, that would make a boring story. But I think, going my own way has helped me a lot. I'm not mega successful and definitely not someone everyone knows. But it was never my intention. My goal has always been to run a profitable business, but one that is also built around the family, not the other way around. Don't we want a more healthy relationship with our jobs? We shouldn't let our careers run us, WE should run our careers!

I've decided to start a blog. It's personal. But only my personal work related life. Not my family's. I need to document my business path and to help you create your own. It will include guidance and support for you out there that feel a little lost in the independent business world. Are you your own boss? Great! Do you run a retail shop? Brill! Have you just started a brand? Awesome! Then this blog will be for you. I will support you being the most unique version of you.  Because that's what it's all about, right?!

Talk soon!

xx Petra