The Business Aid Menu - what is it?

So I've had many requests to post the menu of my business aids here. At the moment I'm very busy with ten clients (feels kind of max since I also run a shop haha!) but please email me so I can put you on the list if you are interested! They have various length to them and the shorter ones are definitely possible to squeeze in very soon. 

To tell you little bit more about how it all works I'll start by saying that many of my clients start by choosing small because they have a small business and a tight budget. But pretty much always ends up wanting to go further or to add another meeting. It's just something about getting that individual help and support, it's so cheering and quite unique. And in the long run it's worth the money for sure! So here are the 4 different choices:


Aid #1 - the ten Q&As

Are you a bit stuck, or lost in the business jungle? Do you need a quick fix?

To help you continue on your destined path I will take the time and answer your top 10 questions you have for your business, (or planned business) via email. It can be anything really; how to work with the visual, what platform is best suited for your webshop, should you aim big or small..? And so on

After the initial 10 answers, we will discuss them until you feel satisfied with the help. If you have further questions, you can start over with a new 10. 

€100 / 1000 SEK


Aid #2 - the visual (perfect for IG peeps)

Are you looking for a more in-depth help and overall visual consulting? Is Instagram and Pinterest your main marketing tools?

We will, via email and / or Skype, go through your visual obstacles. How you can best present your product or ideas, what mood are you looking for and who inspires you. I believe ni the possibility to sell anything with the right visual presentation. Make it your own!

After the initial email conversations, we can also add a 30mins Skype call if we feel the urge to talk more freely.

€150 / 1500 SEK


Aid #3 - the breakfast meeting (this one has been very popular)

Do you live in Stockholm or nearby? Maybe planning to visit? I love a good breakfast and a chat in this beautiful city.

We meet up and talk about your business and ideas for a whole 2 hours. How to move forward and what to think about when planning the next step. A very casual way of making a lot of progress. Breakfast is on me!

We will follow up for the next 4 weeks visa email or a second shorter meeting if needed.

€200 / 2000 SEK


Aid #4 - the full monty (hard not to pick this one!)

Are you completely stuck?

We will sit down several times over a 2 months period (physical meeting/Skype/email) and work on your brand profile, your Instagram feed, your photo skills, your website and other important pieces in your puzzle. We will together make it work and by the end of these two months, people will know who you are! It's the ultimate individual coaching!

Price on request


Of course available in Swedish too since that's my first language!

Quick 5 - Barb Bruno, Tinycottons

One company that I've followed closely since the beginning is the incredibly successful Tinycottons. Its owner and founder Barbara Bruno is a dear friend of mine (she is the loveliest girl) and many years ago we even did a collaboration together! She really impresses me, with that big family and all

It all started from the home of Barbara and Gerard in 2013 in Barcelona. Barb shares with me; "during 1 and a half year we worked there, we changed website 4 times, we changed our couriers 5 times , we hired many and fired a few, we moved the office 3 times, we worked with one supplier at the beginning and now we have more than 12! We have 5 Tinycottons concept stores in spain. We started with sizing 0-24 months, and now we have 0-10y, plus women, plus body, plus collabs, plus basics!" What a journey!

  • Family: Gerard and Barbara, Cruz 16, Cata 15, Greg 10, and Vincent 6 months

When was the biggest wow moment for your brand?!

Every week I have some wow and little wows, could be anything or everything, but to be honest my big surprise was in NYC when someone from Puma came to talk to me in a fair, and asked would you be interested in a collab with Puma? Worldwide? For a few seasons! I was really shocked and extremely happy, a big company like Puma, looking into our very tiiiiiny brand, I thought this is the way, good done tiny team!

What do you love most about a new week?

Hehehe, I like that for me is always different, I hate routines in general, I know this is not a plus, but someway I have the job I always dreamt about, everyday is so different, every week is a new thing, our tight calendars hit my face everytime (because of that fobia to the routine) but I have such a great team, and I'm so thankful for that, without them this company would be impossible. I also enjoy to work with my husband, is something everyone ask, and yes, we like it! We love what we do!

Have you hit any obstacles along the way, what happened?

You always have obstacles, this journey its not easy, but when I say I can’t do it anymore, I always remember how far you can go with your ideas and hard work, so the answer is, working and working, and working … no secret. (also surround yourself with good people, good persons, that understand your way of doing things, and share your dreams in someway)

What would be the last part of your work you would delegate to someone else?!

Probably, the finances, I love the holistic thought about doing business, but the finances part, it's the worst … hehe! When you start with only one employee you need to do everything, so I'm used to delegate since the beginning, overtime we hired someone, I delegated a part of my own work, but now the finances are the last thing to delegate. 

Do you feel that you can be a successful business owner and still have time for the family?

Sometimes I feel not, but I try to do my best at both, the weekends or the evenings, very late we spend quality time together. I really enjoy traveling everybody together, and that's the best thing you can give your kids, to know the world together, to be tolerant, to share your values, be a good person is a must, and enjoy all the cultures is the best thing to feed your soul!


Thank you gorgeous Barb for the chat! xx



 Barb in her office!

Barb in her office!

 SS18 Tinycottons

SS18 Tinycottons

Your target

Find your audience, who is your target?

Mine? Well everyone that has a child in the age of 0-3 years, or know someone that has, or wants to have one or expecting one! Nowadays even adults, since I make moccs and jewelry for them too. Kind of everyone! Before when I only owned a webshop I hardly had men shopping, ever! I think maybe 1% of my customers. But since I opened the physical store I see more men/fathers/friends coming in. And also couples shopping together for their little one. I find that very interesting! 

But it's about narrowing it down again. When I'm working with Instagram or my webshop I have trends on my mind all the time. I try to keep myself updated on what's hot right now. In all areas, children's fashion, grown-up's fashion, interiors and decoration, children's interior, and so on. So when I style my products for a photo or search my hashtag (#betonstudios, it’s so good that we can follow hashtags these days on IG!) for future reposts, I know what to look for. And I don't want to step away too far from that. From my red line. 

So my customers can be any of the above of course but I also need those who represents. Those, in my case, kids and parents who can carry Betón with me. With the same style as I have. Are we maybe using the same colors in our photos? Do I like what they are posting too? When you find them, you need to get their attention... They will help you create the need from others. "I want my children to dress like that", or, "Maybe that would work on me too!", or, "My bedroom needs that!". I still reach out to new people on Instagram from time to time to see if they’d be interested to receive some little gifts. Just a little appreciation, and I never ask for something in return. It’s all about finding the right ‘ambassadors’ for your brand. Big companies should pay for content, always! Small companies should not, according to me!  If you make swim wear, reach out to someone that spends a lot of time on the beach. Don’t look too much on following numbers, it’s not about that. Build a relationship. Look for quality, not quantity. 


Dream big - who is your dream customer?

It might not be an actual person. It can be someone that look a certain way, dress a certain way, lives in a certain area, travels to certain places, eat certain food. Maybe you can even find the answers on all of the above. 

I work with kids, so the answer on these 'dream customer' questions becomes a little vague. But I still know who their parents are, where I want them to live, what they are eating, how they are dressing, what they work with... In my mind I know. And those imaginary people are the ones I build my brand around. Believing that they are out there. 

Do you follow someone on Instagram that you think would represent your brand/business well? Reach out! :)

 My line of earrings -   Betón Pieces

My line of earrings - Betón Pieces

Stay true!

Moccasins, or moccs, as I like to call them. They are my main product, they bring the gold! It took me a while to realize that this is what I should focus on! That focus is important when you market your brand. We need to narrow it down. If you are starting small, that's good, makes it easier in a way If you have a whole retail webshop to promote, find a red line (as we say in Swedish), a focus, a point of argument.

I was quite early with moccs, already back in 2013. Now they are everywhere, I know. So what makes me unique, what makes my product unique? How do I keep the interest up?

Instagram and Pinterest allows us to create a personality around our products, with photos. And the best part; the instant connection with your customers. They will help you create the spirit your products need. Even if you only got that one special T-shirt that you have made, find the right customers/promoters that will create a specific feeling around your brand, together with your own photos. It's everything, style, mood, colors and so on... And with that, the customers that see themselves in your product, will buy it. Or maybe you are so good at this that you can create a personality around your brand that people need. 'I want to be that too!' Then you're in the game.

Have a think about it; What is your main product? What is your product's personality?


Your creative self

You need to stay true to yourself. I've always tried not to get too influenced by fellow designers. At least look for your inspiration elsewhere than your competition. Maybe you will start out on your own, doing your unique thing. But eventually there will be others, maybe even close by, wanting a part of the cake. This is when you need to start focus on who you are and not who they are trying to be. 

A trick is to just follow your heart. What inspired you to start your business will lead your way, and create path for you, not other people. And with that love for what you are doing awaits a big reward, respect. It shines through, trust me!

Always when I sit down with someone that needs the help to find their uniqueness I let them start to make a mood board. What inspires you, colors, art, music, films, brands, trends and so on. To start your business by focusing on what you like is a simple way to get things rolling. Especially if you are producing new goods!

What does your mood board look like? Here are two photos from @betonstudios Instagram gallery!

Q and A with me last year!

Hi you!

I thought I should show this one again since many of you have asked these exact questions recently! It was made a year ago, just a month or so before I moved to my shop. And the name Mini Mocks was still mine, we changed last summer to Betón (funny listening to myself talk about the importance of checking a brand name before you take it, I knew about the upcoming name change already). Enjoy!

A new little adventure!

You know me! I can never just focus on one thing! It's been part of my adventure to have three babies, just like it was to travel the world during my twenties! I can't go on routine...

Since I started my company back in 2013 when Liv was only 6 month (craaazy) a lot of things have happened, and funny thing is, mainly only very good ones! Of course not a straight path, that would make a boring story. But I think, going my own way has helped me a lot. I'm not mega successful and definitely not someone everyone knows. But it was never my intention. My goal has always been to run a profitable business, but one that is also built around the family, not the other way around. Don't we want a more healthy relationship with our jobs? We shouldn't let our careers run us, WE should run our careers!

I've decided to start a blog. It's personal. But only my personal work related life. Not my family's. I need to document my business path and to help you create your own. It will include guidance and support for you out there that feel a little lost in the independent business world. Are you your own boss? Great! Do you run a retail shop? Brill! Have you just started a brand? Awesome! Then this blog will be for you. I will support you being the most unique version of you.  Because that's what it's all about, right?!

Talk soon!

xx Petra